The last few months I have been going to networking meetings with different groups, like the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce and the North Shore Entrepreneurial Network (NSEN). When I give my short explanation of Structural Integration I see either a light go on in someone’s eyes that says “Wow that’s exactly what I need.” or “What is she talking about?”.

Structural Integration (SI) has been around for over 50 years. It was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf who, through her studies in osteopathy, chiropractic, yoga and homoeopathy, came up with a system for working in the soft tissue of the body, or fascia, that realigns, rebalances and reeducates the body. Through skilled application of pressure, movement and manipulation of the fascia, the body frees up old restrictions, bad postural habits, old trauma and injury and it begins to move and feel more open, more fluid and more energized.

If your eyes just lit up perhaps you have been feeling weighed down by too much computer time or lifting that Thanksgiving roasting pan and reinjuring a shoulder problem which has been bothering you off and on for years. Structural Integration can unglue the muscle and fascia that locks in the strain and slump your body has been experiencing. Once the body is relieved of restriction, it can function more optimally and you feel better. When we feel better, out of pain and discomfort, we can move on to being more productive in our work and relationships.

Perhaps you thought, “What is she talking about?” Try an experiment. Get up and take a walk around your house or down the block. Take a minute to notice how you feel.  Are you breathing deeply? How do your feet hit the ground? Does one foot collapse or one leg feel heavier that the other? Does a knee or hip stick when you move forward? How do your shoulders feel? Is one shoulder higher than the other? Are they tight and still when you move or are they fluid and unguarded?

Every one experiences some discomfort in their bodies just from the normal activities of living. Add in accidents, trauma or occupational hazards and chances are each of us could use some help feeling more free and comfortable. Structural Integration is a holistic approach to wellness. An SI practitioner looks at what needs to be changed or released in order to feel balance. It works with the whole person to bring more freedom and comfort to our everyday lives. Something each of us could use.

Be well.

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