What to Expect in a Session

What to Expect in a Session

Each session begins with the practitioner and client discussing the client’s current condition. Sessions are done with a client in underwear or athletic clothes. Men may wear loose fitting shorts. Women wear bra and underwear or athletic bra and shorts or bathing suit. The practitioner will typically observe the client’s structure standing, moving and sitting. This is called body reading. This visual observation assists the practitioner in assessing relationships and changes in the client’s body.

SI sessions usually are one hour in length. The bodywork is deep but should not be painful. While working through particularly adhered tissue can be momentarily uncomfortable, the SI practitioner will adjust pressure so the body will accept the touch and change may occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically underwear or athletic clothes are worn for Structural Integration bodywork. Men wear briefs, boxers or loose-fitting shorts. Women wear bra and underpants, bathing suit, or athletic bra and shorts.

Typically a session lasts approximately 1 hour. Before the first session, your practitioner will discuss your medical history, questions and goals for the bodywork with you.

The cost per session is $140.

Structural Integration does not need to hurt to be beneficial. Although the work is deep, deep work is not synonymous with physical pressure or discomfort.

There can be some expected intensity that goes along with SI, and momentary discomfort may accompany the release of tight places in the body. Sometimes a person is unaware of a holding pattern until it is touched. Open communication between client and practitioner is most important as every person has a different response to the pressure of the practitioner’s touch. Where one client might feel a certain touch as engaging, the next client might feel this same touch as “too much.”

By working with a body’s natural rhythms, including breath and movement, as well as the client’s feedback, results can be comfortably achieved.

Structural Integration is more than a “very deep” massage. While many modalities of massage are effective for loosening tight tissue, reducing stress, detoxifying the body and increasing a feeling of relaxation and well being, SI is a systematic approach to body alignment, movement and change. The effects of Structural Integration involve all the benefits of massage, however the goal is to bring alignment and better function to the whole body in the gravitational field. The beauty of SI is to unfold, organize and educate a body. Every person learns about how his or her body functions and moves in the process of the work.

The process of Structural Integration is cumulative, each session having an intended goal. Each session builds upon the next, allowing the body to integrate and organize. Between sessions, a person uses his or her body differently based on changes made. This different functional use solidifies the change.

It is recommended to receive one or two sessions in order to see how you feel about the work and if it suits you. However, because of the nature of the work, we recommend completing all of the ten series if you complete more than three sessions.

Yes. Photographs taken of a client years after the Basic Ten Series show that changes are still present and structure improved. Keep in mind, however, that bodies change in response to life changes. Injuries, accidents, pregnancies, lengthy illnesses and emotional stress may cause a body to compensate and change.

Some people choose to come back for advanced work, but the intelligence that your body has gained from the Basic Ten Series is lasting, and this intelligence is also what the ongoing work is built upon.

The client can assist the practitioner by remaining as present as possible during the session. Relaxing into the work and breathing are beneficial. Remain well hydrated before and after a session. Often homework is given such as stretches or movement awareness exercises. The more you are engaged in the process, listening to your body and exploring the changes, the deeper the experience of receiving SI.

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“Your body is not just an instrument that you turn over to me for re-alignment. Rather it’s a terrain of anatomy and experience, of space and time that we explore together, looking for the ease and grace that are your birthright.” — Mary Bond