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About Diane

I have never tired of participating in the process of change and growth that is Structural Integration. It is an honor and a privilege.

I became interested in the emerging field of holistic health and alternative medicine in college in the late 1970’s. After receiving my Bachelor Degree in Anthropology from Southern Illinois University, I came back to the Chicago area and graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1983. Soon after, I studied with Alan Davidson, a Certified Advanced Rolfer at the Structural Therapy Institute in Chicago. I continued to mentor with him for many years. Additionally, I have studied many adjunct therapies and modalities. Over the years I have done hundreds of hours of continuing education and worked on thousands of people. In 1999 I co-taught a Structural Therapy Training with Alan Davidson and Bob King. In addition, I have taught workshops for massage therapists on Connective Tissue Massage.

I have been practicing Massage and then Structural Integration for over 30 years. In all that time I have never tired of participating in the process of change and growth that is Structural Integration. It is an honor and a privilege.

Certifications & Trainings:

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In addition to Structural Integration these three modalities are an integral part of my work deserve mention.

Cranial Sacral

Cranial Sacral Therapy works with the rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid to release restrictions of the membranes and bones of the cranium and spine as well as improve the functioning of the central nervous system. This rhythm can be felt throughout the body as a separate rhythm from respiration and circulation. CST can have a profound relaxing effect as well as aid in the treatment of many disorders including headaches, whiplash and chronic pain. CST is also used to gently and effectively release tissue restrictions throughout the body. It is a profound tool for balancing and opening.

For more information go to www.upledger.com

Neural Mobilization

Neural Mobilization is a nerve therapy that aims to specifically locate and treat fixations of nerves throughout the body by applying gentle, precise pressure to the nerve in order to release restrictions and optimize function. This work can help to soften stubborn fascial adhering, reduce pain and calm the nervous system.

For more information go to http://www.barralinstitute.com/therapies/nm.php

Visceral Mobilization

Visceral Mobilization evaluates and treats the motion and suspension of the organs, membranes, fascia and ligaments. There is an ideal motion mobility of each organ and an ideal relationship between organs. VM balances this dynamic with a soft and skilled touch.

For more information go to http://www.barralinstitute.com/therapies/index.php

Praise for Diane

“Diane is a thorough, compassionate, and powerful practitioner of bodywork and healing. Since my early teen years I have had debilitating chronic pain throughout my body. Countless doctors and various other body workers were unable to alleviate my pain. At a point in my early 20’s, when I was experiencing the same musculoskeletal pain with additional adrenal fatigue and unrelenting stomach pain, I did the 10-series with Diane. Diane worked with me change the ways my body existed in space and helped me experience a pain-free life. I have since seen other rolfers over the years, as I live out of state, but have only found one other who cares for my body with the same skill that Diane does. When I visit Chicago for more than a week I’ll still sometimes visit Diane for a tune-up and I’m always so grateful when I do.”

Hanna DeSalvo

“Structural Integration with Diane has been a great experience. The effect of my 10 series was an incredible feeling of balance, a feeling of being solidly placed wherever I was standing or sitting. Diane went above and beyond in order to support my healing process.  ”

Lisa Hoffman

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